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Yellow LED tube Light Flexible

Yellow LED tube Light Flexible

    Tipo di pagamento: T/T,Paypal
    Terms of Trade: FOB
    Quantità di ordine minimo: 100 Meter
    Termine di consegna: 7 giorni
    Pacchetto: Small batch customization packing for LED ribbon flex
    produttività: 10000 meters per day
    marchio: Wilgex/ OEM
    Trasporti: Land,Express
    Luogo di origine: China
    Abilità del rifornimento: 10000 meters per day
    Certificati : CE/ RoHS / PSE
    Codice SA: 9405409000
    Porta: EX-factory Dong Guan City,Shenzhen,Guangzhou

Informazioni basilari

Modello: WJ-NF-SMD5050-15*26-24V-RGB

Tipo: Striscia LED Flex StripFlex LED

Materiale del corpo della lampada: PVC

Colore: Multicolore

Tipo di LED: SMD 3528

Voltaggio: 12V

Valutazione IP: IP65

Certificazione: CE, CCC, RoHS

Descrizione del prodotto

LED neon flex production description

Tube Light Flexible is the revolutionary replacement of traditional Glass Neon, with unique optional technology and special flexible PVC structure design.

Tube Light Flexible is much better than Glass Neon in vision and size, and it opens all the environment where fragile glass neon can not be used. Neon LED Fiyatlari also can be cut into any length and bent into different shapes based on your actual using.

TNeon LED Fiyatlari is only 70% less energy consumption of Glass Neon, and it is also easier to be operated, installed, transported and maintained, so It cansave you around 80% energy conservation and operating cost.

Mini Neon LED generally being used for decoration for both outdoor and indoor.

#1, Striking and Unique Accent Lighting for building outline

LED neon flex 1

#2, Overall Luminous Effect with High Brightness

LED neon flex 3

#3, Specilized PVC extrusion make it UV, flame and chemical resistant and IP68 rated.

LED neon flex 2

#4, Can be safely located outside even in salty envioronments, on the boat/yacht or by the sea

LED neon flex 9

#5, Easily to be installed at different surface material with a special track

LED neon flex 6

#6, 24V Low Volage, Low Heat Dissipation and Durability

LED neon flex 4

#7, Flexible, Anti-broken and Extremely Safe

LED neon flex 5

#8, Cut into any length and Bent into different shapes/patterns/text

LED neon flex 7

#9, Excellent flexibility, can be bent arbitrarily and tailored easily for any ads signs and DIY board

LED neon flex 8

The features & benefits of our LED neon flex as below:

LED neon flex

• 1 Continuous and uniform illumination, no LED dot or dark spot.

• 2 Extremely flexible, easy to install

• 3 Design of IP68 dust prevention and waterproofing

• 4 Durability, Impact Re


• 5 Minimal heat dissipation (Safe to the touch)

• 6 Longer life to 50,000 Hours, 3 years warranty

• 7 Extremely low maintenance costs

• 8 70% less energy consumption of glass neon

• 9 Does not interfere with Video/Audio systems nearby

• 10 Available in all single colors, RGB colors & Digital RGB colors

LED neon flex technical specification

Dimensions: 9*15mm / 10*20mm /15*26mm ( Three opinions for your choice )

LED neon flex cross section


LED Light SMD 2835 LED Chip

Running Length Single feed: 20 meters based on 24V version

Light Surface profile ( Dome surface and Flat surface )

Lumen Maintenance 70,000 Hours L70 @ 25°C : 90,000 L50 @ 25°

50,000 Hours L70 @ 50° : 70,000 Hours L50 @ 50°C

Chromaticity Ordinates x: 0.4715 y: 0.4279 u: 0.2624 v: 0.5354

Color Bin Tolerances +/- 3 %

Efficacy (lm/w) 12.1

CRI 75-80


Input Voltage: 12 V , 24V, 110V, 220V Constant Voltage

Power Consumption 9 watts per meter

Power Factor ≤ 1

LED Count per meter / 22 per foot

Dimming 110-277v, 0- 10v & Magnetic Low Voltage


Materials Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

LED Spacing 16.7 millimeter / .66 inch

Cutting Length 41.66 millimeters / 1.64 inches

Package Size: 33.5 × 33.5 ×39.1cm

Package Weight: 26 kilograms

Thermal Management Cool to the Touch, Free Air Convection

Fixture Connections Front & End Leader Cables

Bend Tolerances

Maximum Diameter 120 millimeters / 4.7 inches

(lateral bending only)

Temperature Ranges

Ambient -30° to 45° Celsius / -22° to 113° Fahrenheit

Operating -30° to 45° Celsius / -13° to 113° Fahrenheit

Humidity 0- 95% Non Condensing

Different shape and different size for options:

LED neon flex shape and size

Internal Structure of LED neon rope lights:

LED neon flex internal structure

*** Why do we use the copper conductor?

Advantage: 1, Extand the running length to 20M~25M without electrical current drop.

2, Resist pulling force

Disadvantage: 1, Bring the increased cost of raw material

2, Bring the increased cost of labor

Most up-to-date technique applied to make sure the brightest light, stable quality and longest lift span

Minimum 4.17cm unit cutting length

Maximum efficiency and minimum project length to satisfy customized projects

Excellent flexibility, it can satisfy any requirement of construction

LED neon flex cutting length

LED neon flex connection instruction

LED neon flex connection 1

1, Following the cutting mark showed in picture

2, Cut at cutting mark using heavy scissors (recommended using garden pruning shears, hose cutters or box cutter), be sure to cut the line square and not on an angle

3, Trim loose wires, don`t forget to trim any loose wires hanging out, flush to the PVC with sharp side cutters or scissors.

LED neon flex connection 2

4, Using a pliers hold connecting pin and insert the pointed end of the electrical pin into the end of neon flex, the pin must be installed on the right side or it will not line up with the end cap on the power cord.

5, Using silicone sealant glue, seal the power cord cap

6, Aligning the pins with the receptacle holes in the place

LED neon flex connection 3

7, Locate the heat shrink tube

8, Using silicone sealant glue, seal the end cap

9, Using the heat gun, gently warm the heat shrink tube until it shrinks into its final resting places, after completed, seal around both ends of the shrink tube with silicone sealant glue.

Accessories of LED Neon Flex

Old version(IP65 rated):

LED neon flex accessories

Aluminum tracks: Silver color and Black color for your opitons:

Ⅰ, 5CM in length mini Aluminum Track for LED neon flex

LED neon flex track

Ⅱ, 1M, 2M or 3M in length Aluminum Profile for LED neon flex

LED neon flex aluminum profile

Installation method of old version LED neon light connections:

LED neon flex connection

LED neon flex bend

New Version connecter with cable for LED neon lights(IP68 rated)

New Patent

LED neon flex connectors 11

End Exit Cable Side Exit Cable Bottom Exit Cable

LED neon flex connectors 10

LED neon flex company information

LED neon flex factory

Wilgex will provide you a total solution for all your customized requirements of your LED Neon flex projects.

WILGEX is a professional LED neon flex & LED outdoor lighting manufacturer and exporter. It is comprised of both highly experienced lighting professionals and technicians. As well as yound and forward-thinking staff.

At WILGEX, our core competency is innovative designs and marketable product choices. Utilizing moden technologies to inspire and challenges us, and to improve our production capabilities.

LED neon flex package

1, Small batch packaging  (10 M/ Roll)

LED neon flex packing

2, Commercial consumer packing. (20 M/Roll)

LED neon flex commercial packing

3,Huge project packaging. (50 M/Roll)

LED neon flex project packing

LED neon flex production processing 111

LED Neon flex Production Processing

LED neon flex certificates

Led Neon flex certificates

LED neon flex exhibition

LED neon flex Wilgex Exhibition

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 Dongguan Wilgex Lighting Co., Ltd. riunisce un team di produttori illuminotecnici di successo e esperti di vendita nel campo della progettazione e produzione di illuminazione per esterni a LED.

Abbiamo oltre 15 anni di esperienza professionale in questo campo. Attraverso le informazioni complete e complete, troverai facilmente servizi soddisfacenti per soddisfare le tue richieste del mercato.

Siamo situati nella città di Dongguan, nella provincia del Guangdong e istituita nel 2003. La nostra azienda si è sviluppata come un forte gruppo di attività costituito da tre principali entità commerciali: Dongguan Wilgex Lighting Co., Ltd (nello stabilimento di Dongguan) e Wilgex Limited (nel quartiere di Hong Kong)

Abbiamo una fabbrica di 2.000 metri quadri e 124 lavoratori esperti per produrre prodotti diversi. Crediamo fermamente che sia la qualità dei nostri prodotti sia la produttività della nostra fabbrica soddisferanno le vostre esigenze di mercato.

Possiamo consegnare i tuoi ordini entro 12 giorni.

Il personale addetto al controllo qualità, che sono tutti esperti nelle rispettive assegnazioni di prodotti, controlla la qualità in ogni fase della produzione, dalle materie prime in entrata ai prodotti finiti. Prima di inviare i prodotti finiti, ogni prodotto sarà rigorosamente testato per 24 ore. E abbiamo il rapporto di test rigoroso per ogni elaborazione. Tutte le nostre operazioni sono certificate ISO9001: 2000 e i nostri prodotti sono conformi agli standard CE e RoHS.

La nostra materia prima (LED) proviene da Cree, Taiwan Epistar e Edison. E tutti i nostri prodotti (brevettati Nichia) possono essere disponibili per Osram, venduti in Europa e in Giappone. I nostri prodotti mostrano una durata estremamente lunga e stabilità nella funzione. Garantiamo una durata di oltre 50.000 ore. L'emissione luminosa media dopo 10.000 ore di illuminazione sarà pari al 93% della luminosità originale. Offriamo anche la garanzia del prodotto lungo dei nostri prodotti finiti (non meno di 3 anni).

I nostri principali partner commerciali si sono diffusi negli Stati Uniti, in Canada, in Europa e nel Medio Oriente. I nostri servizi comprendono lo sviluppo dei nostri prodotti e la produzione OEM per i nostri clienti per soddisfare le diverse richieste del mercato. Abbiamo un gruppo di venditori altamente professionali ed esperti in Cina, Dubai, Hong Kong e Chicago per servire al meglio i nostri clienti. Con la nostra conoscenza professionale, esperienza e grande senso del mercato, abbiamo una grande fiducia nel fornire le migliori luci a LED di cui avete bisogno. Vi preghiamo di contattarci per i migliori servizi che si possano mai ottenere.

Realizziamo una varietà di illuminazione a LED incluse le seguenti serie:

Serie LED Neon Flex

Strisce luminose a LED

Luci a LED per wall washer

Luci subacquee a LED

Proiettori a LED

Luci del palcoscenico

Illuminazione decorativa a LED per esterni

Informazioni aziendali

  • Nome azienda: Dongguan Wilgex Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • rappresentante: SUN JIAN BO
  • Prodotto / Servizio: Led Neon Flex , Tubo al neon a led , Luce al neon a Led , Led Wall Washer , Luci subacquee , Luci di inondazione principali
  • capitale: 2,000,000RMB
  • Anno Fondazione: 2008
  • Volume di vendite annuali (milioni di US $): Above US$100 Million
  • Percentuale di esportazione: 91% - 100%
  • Volume totale di acquisto annuale (milioni di US $): US$50 Million - US$100 Million
  • Numero Linee Produzione: 7
  • Numero Personale R&D: 5 -10 People
  • Numero Personale QC: 11 -20 People
  • Servizi dell'OEM fornito: yes
  • Superficie Fabbrica (metri quadrati): 1,000-3,000 square meters
  • Locazione Fabbrica: 2nd Floor, 7B block, Minyi Road, 6th Industrial Park, Wusha District,Changan Town, Dongguan City,Guangdong Province.
  • Persona Di Contatto: Mr. alex
  • Numero Di Telefono: 86-769-81553949
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